Friday, October 23, 2009

Meat... Now a Vegetable!

Am I the only one to find the photo below disturbing?

A few days ago, the local supermarket (and nationwide chain) decided it would be a good idea to sell more meat by putting it in with veggies. Judging by the photo, it seems to be working.

Surely I’m not alone in thinking there’s something wrong here. There’s a reason meat is normally kept in a different area of the store, right?

Tomorrow morning the local farmers market will be in town. Fingers crossed they have some good stuff this time!


  1. Blech! I don't want any meat touching my lovely veggies, how obnoxious!

  2. Haha I agree with you both! It's always baffled me to see these displays, they should at least have a buffer to keep them from mingling. Ranch dressing perhaps?

    I found your over on the Choosing Raw site, I'm a vegetarian curious about crossing over into veganism and I'm trying to get my bearings about weight loss and keeping up endurance on a vegan diet. So I'll be following along!